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18.31.08 Yard Requirements--Walls, Fences, and Structures in Setback Areas. be constructed less than twenty-five (25) feet from any public or private street.【Get Price】

Setback rules may crimp the free use of your back yard, but they're

Jul 3, 2017 In my plat of survey, the builder put a 25-foot rear setback yard line. But lot sizes may be as narrow as 25 feet and only about 100 feet deep. the developer may have large setbacks and may restrict fences and impose 【Get Price】

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wider than 4 feet. 2. Large lots. In Residential Zoning Districts. (R-20 to R-40) with a required front yard setback of at least 25 feet, fences and solid forms of.【Get Price】

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On a corner lot, the “front yard setback” is the yard on the short side, and the Fences, hedges and walls up to six (6) feet in height from existing grade on the lot . their easy removal or relocation in order to continually maintain a 25-foot.【Get Price】

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of that street between intersections. SIDE STREET SETBACK: 15-Feet 25% maximum for ground level coverage of all The fence gate is to be self-closing.【Get Price】

feet and under do not require a building permit. Fences six - Town of

(2) Maximum front setback applies only to new construction. Fences six (6) feet permits are required for fences over six (6) feet in height. Fences over six feet 【Get Price】

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Front yard fences cannot exceed 3 feet in height. situated within 25 feet of the street corner without Community Development the 15 foot front yard setback.【Get Price】

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30 feet, 20 feet, 50 feet. R-25, 50 feet, 45 feet, 25 feet, 15 feet, 40 feet. R-15 *For through lots the rear yard setback shall be the same as the front yard setback.【Get Price】

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Distance from side and back lot lines - ten feet (10') and three feet (3') from any easement. Lot line setbacks apply as stated in Single Family Residences. Distance from septic tank and field - twenty-five feet (25') for inground-pools; ten feet 【Get Price】

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If the fence would extend beyond the front of the adjacent house, it must be setback: A. 25 feet from the existing property line; or. B. To the existing setback of the 【Get Price】


Feb 15, 2012 setback and height standards for fences and signs in the SR zone poles along the adjacent utility corridor by more than twenty-five (25) feet.【Get Price】

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Will this fence enclose a public or institutional park, playground, or public front yard setback or an exterior yard setback; provided, however, that section. 34-5.10 is lines at a distance along each line of twenty-five (25) feet from their point of 【Get Price】

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➢In side and rear yards of corner lots, fences up to six (6) feet in height may and a line connecting said street lines twenty-five (25) feet from their intersection.【Get Price】

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Fences shall be no taller than 4 feet in required front setbacks unless allowed below. . when viewed from any angle at point 25 feet away from the fence or wall.【Get Price】


Any open or solid decorative fence, or hedge 12 feet or less in height may be yard setback (see Item A in Figure 25-4: Allowed Fences in the Street Side Yard).【Get Price】

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It is the intent of this Ordinance to establish regulations for the use of fences and walls lines at points twenty-five (25) feet from their intersection, and the third line panels of less than 24 feet in length located within the building setback area.【Get Price】


Last updated: July 25, 2012. City of Petaluma The location and height of fencing and walls is determined by the setback for the zoning district in which the property is 6 ft solid2 or open fencing 2 ft of additional screening at least 50% open.【Get Price】

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The fence standards shown on this handout only apply to fences located on single family Front yard setbacks vary between 20 and 25 feet depending on the 【Get Price】

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City of Woodland Zoning Code Section - Section 25-21-40-C. City of Woodland Fence Setback / Permit Requirements: Before construction begins, all fence designs must be The maximum height for a front yard fence is three feet six inches.【Get Price】

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The maximum height of a fence is three feet in the front setback area and/or the material) that is at least 25% open may be added to the top of a solid fence, 【Get Price】

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All other structures shall be subject to a 3 feet or greater setback from the property line and a the setback for structures from a creek or the San Rafael Canal is 25 feet and the setback Side and rear yard fences may be up to 8 feet in height.【Get Price】